Urban forest analysis and consulting


Urban Forest Analytics LLC specializes in the analysis of urban trees and forests. Merging the best available science with an appreciation of people’s needs and wants, we deliver decision-making tools, plans and services tailored to the individual client and the particular situation.


  • Risk and danger trees: will they live, will they stand?
  • Property with trees and shrubs: what work is needed?
  • Mature trees: how healthy are they, and can they be preserved?
  • Forest remnants: what is in there, and what can be done with it?
  • Landscape designs: how suitable are the woody plants for the site?
  • Public trees: what are the environmental and social benefits?
  • Certified arborists: what training could they use?
  • Utility distribution systems: how can risk assessment raise reliability?

The Projects and Publications pages show specific work we have done in these areas. Please contact us if you have questions you would like to discuss.