Lectures and workshops


Selected lectures and workshops by Jerry Bond of Urban Forest Analytics LLC.

Storm Damage

  • Historic Tree Survival: The Architect of the Capitol, Capitol Visitor Center Experience. National Association for Olmsted Parks. 2007.
  • Storm Preparation and Recovery. Texas Forest Service. Houston TX. 2006
  • Risk Assessment in a Post-Storm Context. Virginia Department of Forestry 2006.
  • Storms and Storm Damage. Morton Arboretum. Chicago IL. 2005.

Environmental Benefits

  • Introduction to i-Tree. Urban Tree Diagnosis Association. Tokyo and Sendai, Japan. 2009.
  • Ecosystem Service Value: what is it and who cares? Golf Course Superintendents Association of America annual meeting. 2009.
  • The components of i-Tree: Eco, Storm. Repeated workshops for the i-Tree Team. Various locations. 2005-2007.
  • i-Tree Streets Training. Workshop for City of Pheonix AZ. 2006.
  • Challenges to Including Large-scale Tree Planting in a SIP. Texas Forest Service Roundtable. Houston TX. 2006.

Tree Health and Tree Stability

  • How Does Tree Health Affect Tree Risk Assessment? ISA Annual Conference. 2012
  • Baumgesundheit und Baumstabilität (Tree Health and Tree Stability). BaumtageSüd 2011. Stuttgart, Germany. 2011.
  • Estimating Tree Health: a Better Way. ISA Annual Conference. 2010.
  • Can we read — and use — load information during risk assessment without an engineering degree? California Tree Failure Report Project, annual meeting. 2010.
  • Further considerations of the t/R ratio. Bartlett Trees & Risk Conference. 2009.
  • The Use of the Statics Integrated Assessment method. California Tree Failure Database Conference. Los Angeles, CA. 2006.

Field Techniques

  • The New Risk Tree Assessment Standard and BMP. Buffalo and Rochester, NY. 2013
  • New Field Techniques for Tree Evaluation. Morris Arboretum, Philadelphia PA. 2012, 2013.
  • 5 Risk Assessment all-day workshops. National Grid.. 2009.
  • Field Recognition of Tree Nutrition Concerns. Davey Institute. Kent OH. 2007.
  • Diagnosis of Root and Soil Problems. Davey Institute. Kent OH. 2007.

Computer Applications

  • An Android app for tree health and tree risk. Corning, NY. 2012.
  • The Computer's Role in Contemporary Urban Forestry. ESF, Syracuse NY. 2006.
  • How to Set up and Conduct an i-Tree Project (Eco, Storm). Repeated workshop for the i-Tree Team. Various locations. 2005-2007.
  • Sampling the Urban Forest. Repeated workshop for the i-Tree Team. Various locations. 2005-2007.