Small jobs


In addition to larger projects, we are often approached about small jobs by homeowners, tree managers and other professionals. Examples include questions about:

  • Homeowner concerns
  • Identification problems
  • Management choices
  • Selection recommendations
  • Professional consultations

To make things as easy as possible, we have a straightforward small job process.

How it works

To request a small job, download and fill out the Job Request Form (44.95 KB); it is a PDF that you can fill out electronically, or print and enter the information manually. FAX or email the form to us, attaching enough clear photos that the request can be evaluated. You can also call or email us—but we will just have to ask you for the information and images, so it is actually easier to begin by submitting the form. We will almost always respond within 24 hours by phone or email.

Once we have reached a preliminary agreement with you, we will email or FAX you a Contractual Agreement form. This form protects both parties by specifying the scope of work, associated fees, and other legal items. You will then sign and return it (or simply indicate in an email that you agree with its terms), at which point we can then schedule the work.

The work will typically be completed within one week of receiving the Contractual Agreement form, barring uncontrollable problems such as the weather. You will receive your Report within 1–3 days, depending on which option you chose, and will be invoiced at the same time with 30–day terms.


  • Site visit. A site visit takes time, and therefore costs money. It provides the most information, but is not necessary for all requests. We will offer you the option of avoiding it if we think your request can be satisfactorily and responsibly fulfilled remotely.
  • Report. Again, reports take time, so you will want to make sure you request only what you need. You can choose the form of report you need: a verbal response with an email followup, a field form, a two–page summary of findings and recommendations, or a formal multi–page report.

Blank Job Documents