Products available from Urban Forest Anlaytics LLC:

  • Urban Tree Health. A Practical and Precise Estimation Method. 2012. Geneva, NY: Urban Forest Analytics LLC.

    Tree health is a priority interest to tree professionals, tree managers and consumers alike. Yet a standard method of estimating and reporting it is lacking. This book addresses that problem by laying out a robust method for everyday field use, making extensive use of published research. The text is accompanied by photographs on facing pages that illustrate and clarify the points being made, making the method easy to understand and apply. A free app for Android devices is available for data collection.

    • Table of Contents
    • 130 pages with 54 full-color figures (sample pages)
    • Appendices, References and Footnotes
    • Reviews and interviews:
      • City Trees 50(1):14-17. (PDF)
      • TCI Magazine 23(12):50. (PDF)
      • City Trees 49(1):9. (PDF)
      • Arborist News 22(3):35. (PDF)
Tree health

This book is out of print as of October 2017. Please check for available copies at the ISA Webstore.

  • Best Management Practices Series (BMP) – Tree Inventories. 2nd ed. 2013. Champaign, IL: ISA.

    BMPs are written as explanatory guides for applying standards (or, where lacking, industry consensus) in daily tree care practice. This guide, now published in a second and improved edition, covers techniques for effective and efficient tree inventory and management of the urban forest.
    • Softcover, 35 pp., glossary.
    • Price differs by ISA membership. Please order this book from the ISA web store.
Tree Inventories