Tree research

Urban Forest Analytics offers clients high-quality research and technical writing, taking advantage of the training and experience gained in doctoral work. We are often asked to investigate in depth the current state of research concerning a particular topic of interest to a client. This service allows the client to make decisions and create policies based on an understanding of the results–and lack of results–of the best available science, providing a firm foundation for important positions.

Examples of past research topics examined under contract include:

  • Trees and clean air
    • What is known about the capabilities and limitations of trees to purify the atmosphere?
    • How could tree planting be incorporated into State Implementation Plans?
    • What procedures are necessary for large-scale tree planting?
  • Tree emergency procedures
    • How can tree managers prepare for disaster?
    • What steps should they take once it strikes?
    • What is the best way to communicate this information to the target audience?
  • Hurricane debris (Research partner: Christopher J. Luley, Urban Forestry LLC)
    • How does the quantity of debris generated by a hurricane depend on wind speed, vegetation density, etc.?
    • Can it be predicted in a reliable fashion?
    • How can data be collected and processed quickly?

Please contact us if you have a topic you would like to see investigated in depth.

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