Urban forest analysis tools

  • Free Tree Inventory software
  • Risk assessment
  • Health

We gather here a number of small tools that are available for free download (see also Publications). Except as noted, we developed these tools ourselves. If you use any of them, we would greatly appreciate it if you could let us know about your experiences, corrections and suggestions.

Free Tree Inventory software

Desktop software

In the late 1990s, good tree management applications were developed with support from the USDA Forest Service. As they appear not to be otherwise available online, we make them available here for download and use. All three will need settings adjusted to the local environment, an action explained in the detailed user’s manuals that accompany each one.

  • Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet. A basic inventory template that can be easily adapted by anyone reasonably familiar with a spreadsheet. Does not require Excel, and will run in any spreadsheet on any platform.
    Click to download Template and Guide
  • Microsoft Access® databases. These require a familiarity with Access, but provide the ability to carry out many more advanced functions including the production of reports. Both come with Guides to orient the user. When first launched in a recent version of Windows, Access will want to update the software, which the user normally will just accept.

i-Tree Streets

City Values worksheet

In order for i-Tree Streets to compute the very useful benefit-cost ratio, it requires a certain amount of data to be entered about City expenditures for tree management. This worksheet in Excel format serves three functions: 1) to organize and manage the collection of City data; 2) to help the City official involved in the collection of these data; and 3) to provide a ready Appendix for Streets projects reports so that the computational basis may be reviewed.
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Data collector for Android devices

Using a free open-source app called ODK Collect from the Open Data Kit (ODK) people, anyone with an Android device–including Kindle Fire–can quickly and accurately record inventory data. Data can then be exported into a spreadsheet for use with i-Tree Streets.

We have developed the form that is necessary and figured out how this is most easily done.
Installation and Use

Risk assessment

SIA Calculator

Interested in exploring the Statics Integrated Assessment method invented by Dr. Lothar Wessolly, we created a spreadsheet version of the load and safety calculator for desktop use. This tool is only meant for educational purposes; for professional purposes, the user is directed to the official version.

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Field Load Estimator

As an aid to including potential load into the process of risk assessment, we developed a handy form for use in the field. For the documentation behind this sheet, consult the original article.

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ISA BMP Tree Risk Assessment Lookup Template

Wanting to speed up tree risk assessment using the new method in the BMP Tree Risk Assessment (ISA 2011), we automated the lookup process and added additional tables. For the use of this spreadsheet, consult the original article.

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Shoot Death Diagnosis

In an effort to avoid jumping to conclusions about the observation of shoot death, we developed a data dictionary in order to proceed step-wise through the process.

Shoot death data dictionary


We have developed data-collection tools to accompany our book on Urban Tree Health that include a smartphone app as well as a simple data sheet.

Data collector

Using an excellent free database app called “Memento database,” available for both Android and Apple devices, the user can quickly and accurately record observations and interpretations on the health of an urban tree. Data can then be exported into a spreadsheet for use.

We have developed a form that follows the methodology of Urban Tree Health and makes use of pull-down menus for fast field work. Simple setup:

For help, consult the Memento Wiki.

Data sheet

For training and non-electronic use, we have developed a simple data sheet for field use. It provides an easy way for the user to collect health and (limited) non-health data, and to record the Health Score and summary.

Field Data Sheet